Kampol-Lux - about us

Kampol-Lux Ltd. Has been operating on the transport market since 2006. The company's activity is focused on local and international transport. Transport services and freight are our family tradition, we are specialists in the field of transport to Turkey but also to Italy and France. Our company is well recognized both in Poland at home and abroad, we are well-known for providing top quality services, that we do care about the safety of the goods because as your goods are always insured (we have OC carrier, the so-called OCP ). We also provide services of transportation of dangerous goods ADR.

Kampol-Lux Sp. o.o. was adopted to the group of members supporting the Association of International Road Carriers in Poland and received an identification number: POL / 051/10181. We also meet the additional requirements and joined the TIR system. We were given the permission to use the TIR procedure number 3648/2013 and obtained the right to receive TIR Carnets.

We offer Refrigerated Transport in the EU. All goods we are to transport are at controlled temperatures from -25 ° C to + 15 ° C. At your disposal there are vehicles of any cargo area. We have trucks with a loading capacity of 1 to 22 tones (2 - 32 euro pallets).

International transport

We are a flourishing company in the Transport - Freigh – Logistics industry. We specialize in both domestic and international transport. Based on extensive experience, we organize complex cargo transportation. To secure the demands of our customers we are armed with highly qualified and professional staff. As a solid company, we care about the quality of our work. Therefore, all cargo entrusted to us for transportation, are covered by the insurance.

Our company specializes in transporting goods both within the country as well as abroad. Innovative solutions offered in response to the specific needs of every single of our clients, are characteristic of our strategy of presence in the transport market. The range of our services is matched with the requirements of the freight market. In order to ensure the safety and high quality services, each truck is monitored with GPS system.

Sale of liquid fuels

We offer the wholesale and retail sale of liquid fuels. We also distribute heating oil. We trade fuels based of the fact we were given a license issued by the Energy Regulatory Department. Every day our trucks carry thousands of liters, travelling hundreds of kilometers to deliver fuel to petrol stations owned by both large companies and individual clients. Our policy is to treat each client individually, taking into account their needs. Our company sells liquid fuels in the full range: unleaded 95, unleaded 98 petrol Universal 95 and diesel.